• Pierce Townhouse


  • Mimosa Hotel

  • Hair Dresser

    Hair Dresser was a small, quick but prestigious project

  • Bal Harbor Villa

    This high end villa is located in Bal Harbor, Florida. Construction started in 2014 and completed in 2015. It has theater room, gym and pool at the back yard.      

  • Auto Showroom

    BRABUS Auto Showroom  consists of two floors with a gallery. It was converted from a warehouse. Designed in house and constructed in five months.  

  • Steel Structures

    The Structures such as silo, crusher foundation, Conveyor Bridges are completed in 2015.

  • SW Ranches Villa

    The villa in South West Ranches includes roof truss modification, covering interior pool with lexan, and other interiors The work has been completed on July 2019